Japan - Matcha´n Shake bag of 200 g


Green Tea

Herewith, we would like to present an absolute novelty! This blend of 100 % high quality Matcha, natural sugar and fruit pectin lends itself perfectly for the preparation of light and yummy drinks at home or in a trendy bar. For example Matcha Latte: Mix 1 spoon Matcha ’n Shake with 50 ml hot water and add 250 ml hot, frothed vanilla soy milk. There you go, the Matcha Latte is ready! Or Matcha Ice-Shake: Fill a 250 ml glass with ice, in cubes or crushed, and pour soy milk up to the brim. Pour the contents into the blender and add 3 teaspoons Matcha ’n Shake and blend for 30 seconds.

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