Winter Blends

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Baked Apple

Favored fruit tea blend

Apple and Cinnamon Flavoured Fruit Infusion

Ingredients: Apple pieces, roasted root chicory, acidifier: citric acid, flavouring (contains celery), sliced almonds, brittle pieces (sugar, hazelnut pieces, invert sugar), cinnamon pieces

Price: 5.40лв.
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Black Tea Almond-Cream

Flavoured Black Tea blend

Black tea, almond pieces, flavouring

Price: 4.90лв.
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Black Tea Cinnamon

Blend of Black Tea and Cinnamon

Black tea (89%), cinnamon pieces (10%), flavouring

Price: 4.20лв.
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Black Tea Irish Dream

Whisky, Chocolate and Cream Flavoured Blend of Black Tea, Cocoa Husks and White Chocolate Chips

Ingredients: black tea (80 %), cocoa husks (12 %). white chocolate chips (sugar, cocoa butter, whole milk powder, emulsifier sunflower lecithin) (5 %), flavourings
Price: 5.00лв.
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Black Tea Marzipan

Flavoured Black Tea

Black tea, flavouring, sliced almonds

Price: 5.20лв.
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Chrismas Sencha tea Cinnamon

Flavoured Green Tea blend

A really lavishly decorated and delicious blend. Lovely Sencha forms the basis, which is complimented by high quality ingredients like sliced almonds, vanilla and cinnamon pieces. The excellent fine cinnamon flavor adds the finishing, magical touch to this delicious blend. This perfect green tea completes our range of teas for special occasions.

Ingredients: green tea, cinnamon pieces, flavoring, sliced almonds, apple pieces, vanilla cuts

Price: 5.50лв.
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Christmas fruit tea Almond

Favored fruit tea blend  

This fruit tea blend has been very popular for years. The perfectly balanced taste as well as the rich decoration leave nothing to be desired. Young and old alike enjoy the taste of this fruit tea during the cold winter and Christmas season. Ingredients: apple pieces, hibiscus blossoms, rose hip peels, orange peels, coconut shreds, almond pieces, pineapple cubes, flavoring, safflower and cornflower blossoms

Price: 4.40лв.
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Fireside Tea

Cinnamon and Orange Flavoured Fruit Infusion

Ingredients: hibiscus petals, rosehip peel, apple pieces, rooibos, almondpieces, orange wedges with peel, cinnamon, flavourings, vanilla pieces


Price: 4.50лв.
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Fruit Blend Strawberry-Cream

Flavoured fruit infusion

Ingredients: hibiscus petals, rosehip peel, apple pieces, sweet blackberry leaves, orange peel, strawberry slices, flavourings

Price: 4.90лв.
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Green Rooibos Serengeti

Orange flavoured herbal infusion Rooibos

Green Rooibos (88%), papaya pieces, flavouring, safflowers

Price: 7.00лв.
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