Flavoured Green Tea


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Green Tea with jasmine flowers

This tea is delicately fragrant and smooth. The added jasmine flowers are a pleasure not only for the eyes but also for the palate. Green tea, jasmine flowers

Price: 5.10лв.
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Green Tea with jasmine flower parts and osmanthus flowers

The sweet, peachy scent of the Osmanthus flower gives this speciality its typical and unmistakable character. Green tea, jasmine flower parts, osmanthus flowers

Price: 7.70лв.
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Chrismas Sencha tea Cinnamon

Flavoured Green Tea blend

A really lavishly decorated and delicious blend. Lovely Sencha forms the basis, which is complimented by high quality ingredients like sliced almonds, vanilla and cinnamon pieces. The excellent fine cinnamon flavor adds the finishing, magical touch to this delicious blend. This perfect green tea completes our range of teas for special occasions.

Ingredients: green tea, cinnamon pieces, flavoring, sliced almonds, apple pieces, vanilla cuts

Price: 5.50лв.
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Eight Secrets from the Far East

Strawberry and Lychee Flavoured Blend of Green Tea, Oolong, Fruits and White Tea

Ingredients: Jasmine tea (green tea, jasmine blossoms), Gunpowder green tea , Oolong tea Se Chung, Sencha green tea, Chun Mee green tea, Mao Feng green tea, mango flakes, Lychee tea (green tea, flavouring), Pai Mu Tan white tea, flavouring, wolfberries, safflowers, rose petals

Price: 6.90лв.
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Green Tea Apple organic

Flavoured Blend of Green Tea and Apple
China Chun Mee green tea (80%), apple pieces (17.5%), flavouring
Price: 6.20лв.
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Green Tea Arabian Nights

Red berries flavoured Black and Green Tea blend

Black tea (61%), China Sencha (28%), natural flavouring, currants, papaya pieces (papaya, sugar), rose petals, mallow flowers, sunflower petals

Price: 4.80лв.
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Green Tea Berry Strong

Wolfberry and Sea Buckthorn Flavoured Green Tea Blend

China green tea Fine Sencha and Mao Feng, lemongrass, natural flavouring, sea buckthorn berries, wolfberries

Price: 8.40лв.
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Green Tea Blue Sky

Boysenberry and mango flavoured Green Tea blend

China Sencha, mallow flowers, flavouring, rose petals

Price: 5.30лв.
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Green Tea Caramel Cream

Flavoured Green Tea blend

China Sencha green tea, caramel pieces (condensed skimmed milk with sugar, sugar, glucose syrup, butterfat, humectant sorbitol E420, emulsifier E471), flavourings

Price: 5.10лв.
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Green Tea Cinnamon-Orange

Naturally Flavoured Green Tea

China Sencha green tea, orange peel, natural flavouring, mallow blossoms, safflowers, sunflower petals
Price: 4.70лв.
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