Green Tea




China (16)

Most green teas come fromChina, the "mother country" of tea. In contrast to black

teas, green teas are not fermented.Therefore they are particularly gentle and wholesome.

Colour varies fromlight green to silvery or dark emerald.The infusion has a

light colour. The flavour ranges frommildly astringent to agreeably sweet and aromatic

– depending on type and preparation. 

Japan (6)

Teas from Japan which are becoming more and more popular in other parts of the

world are nearly exclusively green and unfermented teas.Themain growing region

is Shizuoka nearMount Fuji.The best known variety is Sencha, the "everyday" tea of

the Japanese. It has big leaves and is of a light green colour when brewed. It has a

subtle astringency and often a fresh note slightly reminiscent of seaweed. 

Flavoured Green Tea (23)


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