In the vast areas of China, plantations are situated far apart. This makes for very

different types of black teas which vary strongly in flavour: from mild and light to

sweet and aromatic,or strong and earthy.They often have a slightly "smoky" flavour. 

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This particularly fine Yunnan black tea is long golden tips by hand tied in small pagodas.

The cup is bright golden brown and the aroma sweet and soft earthy-berry with a subtle touch.

A full-bodied yet mild tea without bitterness, which is often served on special occasions. In a small

Glass jug prepared also pleases the eye on the development. The unit weight is about 1.5 g

Price: 14.00лв.
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China PU ERH

Black Tea Pu Erh

This tea is fermented in a special way and has a typical, earthy and slightly sweet flavour. It is also called "red tea" due to its red infusion.

Price: 5.80лв.
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Black Tea

A typical Yunnan tea. It is fruity, earthy and sweet and contains golden tips.

Price: 4.90лв.
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